Homes Around The World: Philippines

The Philippines is a place with some pretty different houses from what we get around Canada and Usa. The houses may be nice but the Philippines is also a place for natural disasters and well, most of the houses don’t stay there for a while.


I will be talking about some of the natural disasters these cool and different house Face. First, tsunamis. The reason most of the houses don’t  is because when the water hit the houses they fall down and of course wash away into the ocean causing pollution. Second, Earthquakes.  They usually happen every day there, there just not severe. The last one that was bad was October 18 2015. It destroyed a lot of things.


If i said all that, you would think the philippines just isn’t safe all together but no, there are some places that you can stay safe. There is this place called Palawan. It’s a island with waterfalls and doesn’t ever get natural disasters. You want to stay safe? Go there!

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