Innovation Day Blog Post

I have chosen to build: Elevator


Choice and background

What pulley system does your choice include:

I will use something to make it more up.

Explain how system works:

I will use cardboard to make to floor for the elevator. Then i would put items on the elevator floor and i would you string to pull the elevator up.



(What will happen when you pulley your pulley machine?)

I think it will work if I try hard to make it. I want to maybe make it exactly how I drew it. I need materials  to go up,.





.Hot Glue






Step by step-What did you do

  1. I first got cardboard and made two holes on the side
  2. I stuck two sticks in the 2 holes that i made.
  3. Then i got string and attached it to the sticks.
  4. The string would go down to a piece of cardboard I would tape the string to the cardboard and then pull it up.





My Hypothesis was right and wrong. It was wrong because the first time it didn’t work, but the second time it did work. I got rid of the sticks and did the same thing I did last and it ended up working!



Science blog!

I am writing a blog post about science! 


Here are 3 facts I learned in class about science.

  • that there are tons of different rays of light
  • the experiments that we did worked!
  • that some of the reflection go through and some a bit and some not at all.

We did an experiment called teh ray of light. we put index cards and on the last one, we put a bullseye and then stick a hole in the front and shine the flashlight in and it will go straight through and HIT the bull’s eye right in the middle.

In class, we did an experiment to investigate this topic. The experiment was called the reflection of light.

Now I will explain what we did:

We got different materials and a flashlight

We had to see which materials the light reflected from

Here is a video of me explaining the experiment:

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