My Bottlecap Design

       What gets wasted 300 million times a year? If you guessed plastic you are correct! My bottle cap design is very simple, easy and useful! I recommend you to buy my bottle cap because it’s way easier than normal bottle caps and you are going to find out why.

      It only has a couple parts to it to put a straw through the hole and then start drinking it! There is also a less chance to spill because the hole is so small. If you are screwing a top back on it takes a few seconds, but with cutting a hole and putting it back on, it is only a second!  It’s as easy as that! Anyone is able to do something this easy! Everything is just a few seconds quicker than usual which I think is very useful, this bottle cap design is for anyone!

      This bottle cap should not be thrown out because to keep it is just better for the environment and you’re not polluting. For everything, that would just be so much more useful so I would recommend not to throw it out. First of all it’s a waste, second of all it would be useful for everything and to not use it is just harder. Third of all, no spilling and no screwing! Just imagine it spilling and taking it 10 seconds to take off, nothing off that is even a bit good compared to T.U.B. Who needs a normal bottle cap when you’ve got this?

      Just buy a coke bottle, cut a hole in the cap, tape the part of that cap you cut off to the side, and put a straw in and there you go you are already done! I recommend trying mine because it’s 5 seconds easier than normal, plus people don’t mind throwing out plastic which is polluting the world, killing sea creatures, so do what is easier and not bad for the environment. This is what is going to save the world from polluting and instead of throwing something out you make something out of it to keep! That is my bottle cap design and I hope you try this one out!


Here is a picture too of the tinker cad that me and Matthew made:

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