Wonder Choice Board

I am going to be talking about my wonder comic book that I made. It skips parts but for the most part it talks about everything that happened in the book. Now I’m going to actually be talking about what happened in the comic/ book. Auggie is homeschool for his whole life and is worried he will be made fun of if he goes to school. He may not look the same as everyone but does the same things as everyone just like a normal kid. His age is now in Grade 5 and his parents well at least 1 of them wants him to go to school because she thinks there will be a lot of new kids. He goes to school and things didn’t go bad they just didn’t go good. He also made a new friend that faked actually being a friend just for Auggie to hear Jack talking mean behind his back with a few other kids also.  Then Jack realizes what happened and feels bad and wants to be friends with him. He also got another friend named summer.

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