Legend Writing

Once upon a time there was a small island, with a tiny village on it. The village people ate birds that came there. They also went fishing for fish. The population was only 100 people. They still had trees so they could make homes and a campfire. They sheared the sheep to get their wool to use to cover beds. 

Everything seemed to be fine. SUDDENLY one day an evil villain named Rarro came to the village and had a plan to burn it down. The good people in the village had no clue that this would happen. The next day the fire was made and the villain was ready to burn it. It burned all the trees and all  the houses. The good people wanted to save it but they didn’t know how.

Life was pretty easy without all of the houses being burnt down. Just fishing and chopping trees was really easy. Not with what the villain did.

The village was hoping that maybe a very powerful superhero might have come to save them. Guess what they were right but they didn’t know yet. The superhero was working on a secret potion in his secret basement that nobody knows about. The potion has a reset potion inside it to  stop the fire potion.

That was the only two things he needed. He wanted to try using the potion when nobody would’ve expected. He had to wait for  a week, and then he would use it. 


It was finally a week later…


 The superhero was ready. He threw the potion and everything was back in place! Everything was back to normal!


 They lived happily ever after!



Science blog!

I am writing a blog post about science! 


Here are 3 facts I learned in class about science.

  • that there are tons of different rays of light
  • the experiments that we did worked!
  • that some of the reflection go through and some a bit and some not at all.

We did an experiment called teh ray of light. we put index cards and on the last one, we put a bullseye and then stick a hole in the front and shine the flashlight in and it will go straight through and HIT the bull’s eye right in the middle.

In class, we did an experiment to investigate this topic. The experiment was called the reflection of light.

Now I will explain what we did:

We got different materials and a flashlight

We had to see which materials the light reflected from

Here is a video of me explaining the experiment:

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